About Us

Progressive Footwear & Apparel Private Limited is one of the largest retailer and leading manufacturer of footwear in India.

Established as Progressive Footwear & Apparel Private Limited Private Limited in 2021, the company was set up initially as a small operation in Bahadurgarh, Haryana with just 50 workers. In the years that followed, the overall site was doubled in the area with 2000+ workers. Progressive Footwear & Apparel Private Limited has established itself as India’s one of the largest footwear manufacturer. The company has come a long way by manufacturing a humble 10 pairs a day to 1,00,000 pairs a day.

Shoes manufactured by Progressive Footwear & Apparel Private Limited are supported by a range of better quality products are aimed at offering a quality assurance to its customers.

Our Values


We are passionate about delighting our customers. Serving their individual needs defines everything we do. It is this passion for what we do that sets us apart from our competitors. We are proud and energized by being part of a family company with deeply held values.


We are pioneers. We value individuals with the courage to change, and to be prepared to fail sometimes. We have a healthy dissatisfaction for the status quo. We encourage creativity. We recognize curiosity and original thought. Innovation is the foundation stone of our company.


We lead by example and follow when called. We value those who take accountability for their successes and failures. We take responsibility for our own performance and the performance of those around us. We share openly with others and we act with integrity in all that we do.


We strive to create products that are easy to buy, exciting to wear, and exceptional value. We strive to be the most responsible and efficient in all that we do it order to deliver the best value to our customers. We operate where design, comfort and value meet.


We do this by displaying respect for our customers, suppliers, employees and the communities we touch. We believe that we can make a difference in the lives of everyone we touch through openness and tolerance to race, religion or cultural differences. We offer an inclusive and supportive work environment to our employees where individuality is valued, where people can ‘be themselves’, and where everyone is encouraged to grow.